Nottingham commemorates Brian Clough

At last it has happened. I was pleased to note whilst making my way through a busy lunchtime Nottingham today that a large crowd was gathering for the commemoration of one of Nottingham’s favourite adopted sons, football manager, Brian Clough.


The eight-foot high statue stands in a prominent position at the juncture of King Street and Queen Street, just adjacent the city’s Old Market Square.

Among the gathered throng for the unveiling were many players from Brian’s illustrious career, including individuals from his great European Cup winning teams such as Tony Woodcock, Viv Anderson and Kenny Burns.

Brian’s lovely widow spoke for the first time about the tribute to her husband and revealed a side to the great manager that few in the public eye were aware of.

The video shows various moments from Brian’s glorious managerial career and brings back many fond memories of great football and great celebrations.

2 thoughts on “Nottingham commemorates Brian Clough”

  1. missed it, laid up with a cold virus but will head down and have a look asap although there does seems to be some argument as to whether the statue should be in slab square or at the Forest ground 🙂

  2. Yes, I heard that. I’m generally in favour of the square because more people will get to see it there. One concern might be vandalism and erm inappropriate behaviour around it I guess!

    Get well soon, Sue.

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