The Tears of a Clown

Now if there's a smile upon my face…


Right now (and in spite of a very welcome extra hour in bed this morning) it seems like one of the most depressing times of the year to me. The worsening weather combined with the long dark nights affect my mood and often send it spiralling. I make the most of the dismal weather. I still get outdoors walking and running in all sorts of conditions, but it inevitably deters or prohibits us all from carrying out a lot of enjoyable things like al fresco dining and drinking for example.

I’ve had two recent stays in western Canada recently and absolutely prefer the lifestyle there in sunny Kelowna which is officially a semi-desert with a climate to match. Day after day of sunshine, dry air and temperatures up in the thirties. A daily splash in the outside swimming pool or a read of a book on the beach by the lake. The UK has it’s compensations but they are fewer and fewer for me these days.

It’s what seems like the middle of the afternoon as I write. Only the gloom outside my window bids in a very long evening of darkness already. It’s a difficult thought that we now have around five months before a glimmer of daylight in the evenings reappears.

I wonder what steps others take to keep themselves cheerful at this time of year. Especially those who are now confined to traveling to and fro from work every day in the darkness? What are the compensatory factors for months and months of darkness?


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  1. I feel much the same way about the British winter, my long term my plans are to live somewhere that has actual seasons. I use a Lumie alarm lamp to wake me up with “sunlight” every morning. I can’t honestly say I’ve noticed much difference though.

    To keep myself cheerful, I think of a nice pint of Guinness with friends in front of the open hearth of a trad. pub, the rain and wind audible outside. Something you can’t replicate in a hot country.

    Comment by rich | October 26, 2008

  2. Welcome home Stuart 🙂
    We get through winter here with the fire lit and toasting marshmallows with the kids. You have sit sit in front of the fire and drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and just a bit of whiskey or Baileys.
    We do big stews and home made soup to get through those horrible cold wet days.
    Hang in there-Spring is just around the corner (Okay so the corner is a long way off…)

    Comment by mum6kids | November 1, 2008

  3. Rich

    I’ve heard of those sorts of contraptions and often wondered how effective they are. I like your idea of a pint in front of cosy hearth at the pub. I’ll be doing that very thing later on tonight at a very cosy pub with low oak beams in Southwell, Notts later.


    Thanks for the welcome! That all sounds very cosy and enjoyable! Winter DOES have it’s compensations and I think it’s always good to be able to look for them and enjoy all four seasons as much as we possibly can.

    Where I’ve been staying in Canada there are two ski resorts close by and it’s possible to head up to the mountains and get a very welcome blast of sunshine up above the clouds there. I kind of miss that on the overcast or cloudy days here. It’s quite a benefit.

    Comment by Stuart | November 1, 2008

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