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Canada ’08: The Colours of Silver Star

I had a recent trip up the road from Kelowna through the City of Vernon and on to the beautiful ski resort of Silver Star. I’ve been there several times previously with my partner, her family and our friends amidst the ski season on Christmas/New visits. This time it was to be a ‘dry run’ however, before the winter fun starts, hopefully promptly in November if snow conditions permit.

It’s been three years since my last visit on New Year’s Eve in 2005. On that occasion we skated on the excellent Brewster’s Pond at the resort. I whiled a couple of frigid but enjoyable hours on the ice, flipping a puck around with a rented hockey stick on that occasion. That was before retiring to a cosy bar to see in the UK New Year at 4pm Pacific Time.

What met us today was a slightly desolate scene. A cold wind blew across the village who’s highest elevation reaches 6,280ft. From the relatively mild conditions lakeside in Kelowna, we were transported a season further on as squally snow showers sprayed the car. Today’s out-of-season resort had nary a single business open as we strolled around in the vain hope of a cup of warming coffee.

It was obvious to note how much Silver Star had grown in the past few years. I understand it has the same ownership as Big White ski resort and whilst being a smaller affair than it’s fellow resort, it is certainly emulating it in it’s new developments. Much of that development is in a series of luxury homes, mainly used as resort retreats. They are becoming wider and wider spread and contain many impressive buildings. Taking a drive around the newly created roads, the homes stood out spectacularly in their bold and bright colour schemes – just like looking into a paintbox or maybe a box of colourful candies. Even on a fairly drab and overcast  with low light levels the colours stood out brilliantly making their urgent statements. One can imagine how even much more spectacular they would look when snow is all around offering them a canvass as a backdrop.

Pictured below are just a few of the spectacular and pretty homes at Silver Star. Pick your favourite.
















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  3. So much more romantic than Big White..Love the colours!B.

    Comment by Boots | October 27, 2008

  4. Hi Boots! Oh yes – I completely agree. I’m told that many prefer Silver Star to Big White. Both great places but the former has that ‘friendlier’ feel about it somehow. I hear it was voted the ‘Best Small Ski Resort in North America’.

    Stu x

    Comment by Stuart | October 27, 2008

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