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Canada ’08: A Canadian Institution (2) Tim Hortons

After fulfilling all your important shopping needs at Canadian Tire, what better than to take a refreshment at that other great Canadian institution, Tim Hortons? Never mind the fact that the company merged with the US owned, Wendy International of hamburger fame back in 1995, Tim Hortons  still has a Canadian identity with a capital ‘C’. Albeit the business is now publicly owned.

The donut chain takes its name from former owner, Tim Horton himself. Horton was a stalwart on the Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey club for many years and was considered an immensely strong performer on the ice in his day. His focus obviously extended to his new business foray in 1964 which traded only in donuts and coffee. It now holds the position of largest quick service restaurant in Canada with 2750 outlets and another 350 in the USA.

The Apple Fritter and the Dutchie were the original popular choices at Tim’s in the 1960s’ but as people’s demands widened so did the restaurant. In the mid-1970s’ ‘Timbit’s – a bite-sized donut ‘hole’ was introduced and gained phenomenal popularity. These days muffins, sandwiches, bagels, croissants, cakes

 and pies are just some of the tasty treats available alongside a myriad of wonderfully tasty glaced donuts.

Whilst Tim Hortons has always been renowned for great donuts, it’s signature product is it’s consistently good quality coffee. Tim’s coffee is available by the can in the restaurants and for my money is better than many more renowned brands.

Canadians have a special affection in their hearts for Tim Hortons, quite rightly. It’s a coffee and donut chain ultimately but Canada’ very own nevertheless. I like to pop in there occasionally but tend to take it easy on the donuts! I’ve observed it to be a popular destination for RCMP officers too – some who don’t necessarily follow that trend! Who could blame the Mounties though? How will they always ‘get their man’ without the sustenance of a chocolate donut or two.





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  1. An education as well as great read. Hope you’re having a fantastic vacation mate.


    Comment by The Cat's Whiskers | August 12, 2008

  2. Hi Jono and thanks.

    Yes it’s all good out here mate. Keep it quiet – the first pint I had in Kelowna was a pint of Stella served in a vase!

    Taking any orders for hockey stuff if you have any needs mate? I see there is an issue of The Hockey News on the stands already.

    Comment by Stuart | August 12, 2008

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