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Edinburgh Summer Diary: Day Three

A run at Portobello seems the most apt start to the day once more. I smile when passing the public bathrooms at Joppa noticing that the water in the block is heated by solar power. Good old Edinburgh, in spite of what some may think I still believe it leads the way in quite a few areas of thinking and planning.

Back home refreshed, I veer towards a plan to enlarge my ever-increasing supply of available reading matter. This means a visit to West Port near the infamous ‘Pubic Triangle’ to take in a several second-hand book stores.


I’ve always been interested in the breed known as the second-hand bookstore owner and again I’m not discouraged by my first experience purchasing a couple of books today. The owner – of indeterminate gender kept the ‘cash till’ in his/her zippered boot which was removed ceremoniously to serve my change. Requesting a bag to take the books away as I would be entering other stores saw the owner looked at me aghast – as if I was asking for a hand grenade with the pin removed, before finally producing a thousand-year old crumpled J Sainsbury carrier.

West Port

Later on in the day it was almost time to pick up my partner at Waverley Station arriving from Aberdeen. Just before that rendezvous I managed a swift pint in one of my very favourite Edinburgh pubs, The Halfway Tavern. The pub is situated, no secreted away, up the tall, narrow stepped wynd of Fleshmarket Close. The most appealing aspect of the Halfway Tavern is it’s size, or lack of it. With two tiny and diminutive adjoining bars the pub was once the haunt of many a Scotsman newspaper employee. It was once also said that the whole Hibs team managed to squeeze into the atmospheric little bar in one go too.

Back home at our friend’s house, it was playtime with the introduction of the children’s Wii Fitness games. I finished the day with a little ski jumping and slalom to squeals of laughter. Not before our youngest hostess, aged just four, informed me of her plans to one day become a ‘true’ princess. If only life were that simple…


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  1. Half Way House is up for sale; put on market circa early 2008

    Comment by Tom Reilly | September 8, 2008

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