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Reasons To Be Cheerful: An A-Z

It’s Friday, the working week is almost over for many of us and it’s time to have fun and relax with our families and friends. Apologies to all those that description doesn’t fit. I’ve certainly ‘been there’ in the past for many years regarding working at the weekend and know just how that feels. However. The summer is but around the corner, the trees are lush and green, the birds are singing, (I know this because they wake me at around 4am every morning) and the holiday period approaches. From all of life’s daily trials there is still much to be thankful for – perhaps on a quite simple level or maybe on a more deep and profound one. A daily ritual, a comforting thought, a look forward to something special or whatever it is that gives you that little warm glow that say’s ‘I’m glad to be alive’. After watching the inimitable Ian Dury’s old band, The Blockheads in Nottingham’s Old Market Square at the Bank Holiday, I couldn’t but help think of their excellent rendition of that talented, humble and artistic man’s old hit song, Reasons to be Cheerful Part 1-2-3. It brought a wry smile – not just for Ian’s superb lyricism but for the pleasure that man, hardly without his personal disadvantages, derived from life and the way he kept a humour and buoyancy in him. Rest in Peace, Ian. So as a small tribute to him, and as a reminder to myself (which I very often need) that life is indeed a wonderful thing, I’m going to list a whole alphabet of ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful’. I intend to edit, contribute to and update this alphabet as I go along. A few words here, a picture or two there, maybe a poem or even a song, perhaps courtesy of YouTube or elsewhere. A lyric or a thought for the day, something that please and makes one feel happy. I’ve started off with two reasons, just to get the ball rolling. Can I kindly ask that anyone passing by this way might contribute a little something, no matter how small or large? Please do and I’ll add them in under the appropriate letter of the alphabet – I’d love to hear your thoughts! Reasons To Be Cheerful.


Is for, Apple Blossom. What better heralder of the Spring Time than apple blossom? A cheery harbinger of a fruitful season to come after a dark, cold winter. Apple blossom gets my vote every time.


is for Badgers Supplied by Bernadette at: Just for the Halibut





is for Friends. Where would we be without them? There are so many times that faithful friends have given me support and encouragement when I’ve needed it most. Do you believe that there are only two classifications – friends and those friends one yet has to meet? I’m really not sure but it’s a nice thought. To all my friends then, with whom I am blessed, you know who you are,. Thank you.



is for Hedgehogs. I had one roaming around my garden last night searching for food at dusk. Quite a well-fed looking fat fellow he was too! Love these things – always a delight when they show themselves.












is for Saint Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham. I love my time spent in this beautiful and peaceful place. Not only is it a house of God but also a house of love as far as I am concerned. Just the site of it gives me a warm, uplifting feeling. I treasure my time spent in there before emerging through the doors back onto the busy streets of Nottingham.


is for Tea – comforting, no matter when you drink it Supplied by Bernadette at: Just for the Halibut



is for Vancouver. One of my favourite places in the world. What’s not to like (apart from the rain!) English Bay, Kitsilano, Robson, Stanley Park – yes please!






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  1. A is for applesauce – tasty every time
    B is for badgers –
    C is for coffee – without which the world would not go ’round
    D is for dandelions – yes, they’re pests, but the bright yellow flowers look cheerful, plus there’s the puffy seed heads that can provide hours of enjoyment
    E is for elephants – they’re just fun
    F is for facebook – so sue me, it’s more fun all the time
    G is for gardens – no explanation necessary
    H is for horseradish – indispensable for roast beef sandwiches
    I is for ice cream – especially since it’s summer
    J is for Jell-O – you know you love it. Plus, it jiggles!
    K is for kites – go fly one today and you’ll feel all better
    L is for lemon juice – sparking up the taste of so many foods
    M is for movies – especially at the drive-in on starry summer nights
    N is for newborn babies –
    O is for Oompa Loompas – what?
    P is for pickles – also tasty, and nearly calorie free
    Q is for quilts – snuggly on chill summer nights
    R is for radishes – they’re so pretty with their clear red and white, with the lush green tops. It’s almost a shame to eat them. Almost.
    S is for sunflowers – especially the big, comical ones that grow taller than people
    T is for tea – comforting, no matter when you drink it
    U is for umbrellas – especially the ridiculous one my sister got me, a large black thing with big red fabric roses appliquéd all along the edge
    V is for velcro – so useful
    W is for walruses – seriously, how can you look at a walrus and not laugh?
    X is for xylophones – the traditional answer
    Y is for yo yo’s – especially the ones that light up when you throw them
    Z is for zebra butterflies – because zebras are silly enough in themselves, but take that black & white pattern, and apply it to a butterfly’s wings? Even more wonderful!

    Comment by Bernadette | May 30, 2008

  2. Hi Bernadette!


    I’ll add a couple of those if I may!

    B is for badgers


    T is for tea – comforting, no matter when you drink it

    Thanks! 🙂

    Comment by Stuart | May 30, 2008

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