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Finding a Good Woman

Remember the days of traditional dating? The dinner dates, long country walks, flowers and waiting for the phone to ring? Well things are so much simpler now. No more waiting and wondering, no more uncertainty, no more romance dare I say. All you need nowadays is an email account and you too can receive messages like this interesting one perched in my inbox today:

“Good evening. Do not be surprised to get my leter please. I have put down yours email on a site of acquaintances. County-singles or Freedating. I have decided to write you a letter. I hope that you will answer my letter. I wish to get acquainted with you. I will arrive in the United Kingdom soon. In 1 weeks. And I search a new friend in the UK. And probable morre. A beloved man. I am a lonely woman. And I search for a beloved man. Probably you search for love either.

I am a Russian woman. I live in Russia in Sankt-Petersburg. It is a very beautiful city. There are many things to see. Do you know the city of Sankt-Petersburg?

My girlfriend has suggested me to arrive to the UK when I want. I have visa. I can come to England at any time. My girlfriend will provide me with money for my trip to England. My girlfriend found an English man. She has left for England 2 year ago. She is very happy with English man. They live together. Her husband is engaged in computer safety. My girlfriend has explained me that I shouldn’t worry about money. She can provide all. Also my girlfriend can help to remain me in the UK. If i want. And if I find a good man.I shall be pleased to come to the United Kingdom.

Probably we can become close friends. All is posible. And I can stay with you forever. No games. Please, only serious relations. I shall write you all in detail in the next letter. I shall send you some pictures of mine. I will write you more about myself.

I wrote this letter to you from the common e-mail in the Internetcafe. Write you response to my personal e-mail:


I shall wait for your answerr. Your letter will make me happy woman.
Yours Elena”


‘Elena’ is searching for a ‘beloved man’. She’s coming here in one week and ‘all is possible’. She can even stay with me forever!

How quickly life can turn on its head…

(Disclaimer: The images are completely unattached to the email. ‘Elena’ is probably a vodka-swilling truck driver who lives on the outskirts of Volvograd.)


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