Tommy Burns – A Tribute

I can’t let the sad death of former Celtic footballer and manager pass without paying my respects on here. Tommy passed away yesterday after succumbing to the skin cancer that he was diagnosed with in 2006 and it is terribly sad to view how rapid his decline was.

Tommy was a man who commanded respect from those inside football and out. His playing career with Celtic spanned thirteen years and contained 353 appearances and 52 goals confirming him as a cornerstone at Parkhead. He was one of those rare individuals that defined the Glasgow club – a true ‘Celtic man’. Tommy was a devout Catholic – one whose faith meant a great deal to him. His lifelong dedication to Celtic was surpassed only by his devotion to the Catholic faith, with particular reference to the Virgin Mary. When employed as Celtic manager, Tommy’s desk carried several Marian icons, this was his personal shrine where he would offer his daily prayers. His deep and genuine religious beliefs influenced the caring personality that made him loved and admired by all.

He was also known as one of the game’s great gentleman, a decent and honest man. One would only hear glowing tributes to Tommy from those who had been fortunate enough to meet him or be a part of his life.

Condolences go out to Tommy’s dear wife of 28 years, Rosemary and his four children. My thoughts are with them at this sad time.

Hail, hail Tommy Burns – the legend.

Rest in peace and God keep him.

3 thoughts on “Tommy Burns – A Tribute”

  1. On my visits to Celtic park, Tommy always met me with a smile and a joke. He loved to talk Celtic and never tired of listening to tales of our famous club. I’m in my seventies now and have never met anyone so decent and generous with his time.He always made me feel so happy to have met him. He answered my letters and I know that he meant every word he wrote.
    I shall miss him, but surely only a fraction as much as his dear wife Rosemary and his lovely family. There is a saying that ‘Only the good die young’, never more true of Tommy Burns.

    Go with God Tommy and rest in peace, your great Celtic family will never forget you.

  2. Thanks for that nice insight into Tommy, Ronnie. That’s a lovely tribute to him.

    He will be missed by many.


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