The Tears of a Clown

Now if there's a smile upon my face…

‘Goodbye’ seems to be the hardest word

‘Twas a strange day right enough. My working day began at home with some difficult transcribing, but no bother really. 2.30pm heralded a trip to pretty Brackenhurst College for a 3pm start. I drove into the car park and left my car under an avenue of gorgeous Spring time apple blossom. It’s difficult to explain but at that moment I felt very blessed to come along to work in this place – after travelling through all the attractive villages I know so well.

The lecturer, a particularly sweet and cheery young woman, handed around chocolates to her students (and I). Come the end of the class she began to well up a little – it was time to say goodbye to her students of the past three years and it showed. She seemed very choked as she wished everyone well for the future. My student who I’ve worked with for some time then turned to me and thanked me profusely for the help over the past while. She seemed a little emotional too. I quickly realised that although I take three lectures a week with her, this was to be the last one of all. It came as something of a shock as I had imagined there to be a couple more weeks at least (and importantly a little chance to say goodbye properly.) It all seemed very sudden but such is life as they say.

Brackenhust College, Nottingham Trent University

No more Animal Conservation, and the observation of the ecology of the planet then. Maybe another term but who knows? At least I feel I’ve been fortunate to work at such a place, neat and tidy Southwell nestling over the brow of the hill, green fields all around,, Southwell Minster standing, just as it has partly for a thousand years and more – surely a place for me. Tomorrow is a new day. I have work to do at home in the morning and in the afternoon I will meet a good friend to walk many sociable miles with someone I care about. We move on.

It’s ‘goodbye’ now to new friends, hoping their new life beyond draws success and happiness. I’m sure it will.


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  1. I find it very it very hard to say good bye. Then I learned that “Good bye” it is in fact an alteration of God be with you. Feels better now 😉 It’s a good thing to remember.

    Comment by di | May 18, 2008

  2. Hello Di, thanks for dropping by.

    I’m glad it’s not just me! I am so chicken hearted about goodbyes. :-)I really don’t enjoy saying goodbye at all.

    I’ll try and remember what you said there, that’s a lovely thought at least.

    Hope your travels and tales are going well?

    Comment by Stuart | May 19, 2008

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