The Grantham Canal Walk: How it began…

Looking back on happy times, this series of stories documents the 33-mile walk in six stages that my friend, Barbara and I undertook in the summer of 2006. It’s a real pleasure looking back over those long incredibly hot days whilst this interesting project was undertaken. As the days begin to stretch and Spring beckons, join me now as I reminisce over the route from Trent Bridge at Nottingham to the walks end at Grantham in Lincolnshire.

The Story Begins…

During the early summer months of 2006, my friend Barbara and I began talking about the prospect of walking the entirety of the Grantham Canal which follows a meandering thirty-three mile route from the River Trent in Nottingham to its eventual destination in the Lincolnshire town of Grantham.

A long-distance walk having been of appeal to both of us, but as yet little deed, the old industrial coal barge route of the canal which enjoys a passage through a green corridor winding through the attractive Vale of Belvoir and no less than three counties, seemed an ideal journey to undertake as an initial project. The route appeared to offer tranquillity and interest, through the thoroughly well-named vale, and an ideal pastime for the summer which would offer a little achievement too.

As with all these things, some amount of planning was required, predominantly of course as the route is basically a linear one and transport to and from the various points along the canal would be a problem that needed addressing.

(Click map for larger version)

As we began the first few faltering steps of the walk from nearby Lady Bay Bridge on July 25th 2006 in the summer heat, our early solution had been to simply leave a car at the day’s destination. Maybe circular routes employing sections of the canal would be used wherever possible however to keep life simple and so that the main focus would remain on the walk itself.

This is the story of our walking adventure, we hope you enjoy it!


4 Replies to “The Grantham Canal Walk: How it began…”

  1. Yeah, it’s this time of year that you really start beginning to need those days out in the fresh air again. I take a walk at all times of the year but there’s nothing like a long summer’s day for a walk.

    I’d do the Grantham again in a flash. I feel quite nostalgic looking back.

  2. Hiyah, I’m thinking of walking the canal route over two days next spring, will probably wild camp half-way somewhere. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts on the walk, cheers.

  3. Cheers Martin. Going to take a look at your site there, looks like you’ve done some interesting stuff.

    Hope you enjoy your walk along the Grantham Canal. I’m sure you’ll find it rewarding. Have a good one when you get around to it.

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