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Detective Inspector John Rebus

I finally caught up with Rebus comparatively recently. In my case it was only last year that I began reading the series in spite of the generous reviews and Edinburgh being of my origins. It was the latter that finally convinced me to read the Rebus books and I have to say that seven or eight books later I’m glad I did.

Despite the sometime prickliness of the main character he remains difficult not to like, his quick and acerbic wit sees to that. His is a character written by Ian Rankin with great depth and with many levels and skins. The same can be said of many of the main personalities in the books who usually manage to remain unpredictable yet believable. Inspector Rebus is rarely portrayed in a heroic way, but rather as a maverick figure. This may at first appear a little routine in a police story but this facet of his personality is handled carefully by Rankin and never overplayed nor in the least predictable.

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