The Tears of a Clown

Now if there's a smile upon my face…

Beatrice Hall

Beatrice Hall, 1915-2008

This week marked my family’s final farewell to the head of our family as we paid our respects and showed our love at Beattie’s funeral. Beattie I should explain is my dear sister’s mother-in-law and gran to my two nephews. The dear lady passed away on January 2, and although this is inevitably a sad time for us all, this will be no solemn piece, nor shall it express regret. This is rather to express our love for Beattie and will be a celebration of her life and all the good things she brought into ours during her sprightly ninety-two years.

It occurred to me during the service that I first knew Beattie as young boy all of forty years ago. That’s an awful long time. Along the way I have received only kindness and caring from her. Indeed she leaves us all with only fond memories. That sentiment will be repeated by anybody that had the good fortune of meeting her.

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