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1977 – I Got by in Time

You know that feeling when you’re rummaging through your old record collection? For some of us that means leafing through a heap of vinyl albums, old and familiar cover art, perhaps looking a little tired at the edges? I find that searching for oldies doesn’t work for me this way and that’s why I struggle in second-hand record stores with the myriad of titles to mull over. What does seem to happen

with me is that I get a tune or a band/artist in my head and I just HAVE to then find it – one way or another. This happened most recently to me with The Jam and in particular an album track entitled I Got By in Time from their debut album In The City.

In 1977 music was changing fast. It’s well documented how the old bands were quickly becoming passé with younger music fans. Groups like Genesis, Yes and even the likes of rock gods like Led Zeppelin were suddenly being regarded as dinosaurs, flabby, overblown and distant from the fans. In their place came people such as The Sex Pistols notably and other people such as The Damned and The Buzzcocks. Even more significantly a vanguard of other bands who came to transcend the ‘punk’ tag with their huge, original and fresh talent and commensurate record sales. These bands exemplified by The Clash and The Jam, who were never really punks but conveniently tagged as such, led rock music into the 1980s and on.

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