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Bottesford’s Secret…

Situated close to the route of the Grantham Canal, the village of Bottesford in Leicestershire is one of the larger conurbations in the vicinity of the old waterway with its population of 3000. When I think of Bottesford two things come to mind, (well three to be more accurate). St. Mary’s Church with its magnificent 200ft high spire, visible for many a mile and also for the village’s connection with the legendary comedy couple, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Some years ago, a lady named Olga Healey ran a public house in Bottesford named The Bull Inn. Nothing unusual there you might say? Well this lady was actually the great comedian, Stan Laurel’s sister and The Bull Inn has become something of a shrine to the great comedy couple, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardie.

The Bull Inn’s lounge was closed when I last called, being a quiet Monday night, but on request, the landlady, Linda, kindly opened up for me a locked lounge that had sat in darkness, so that I might view some of the historic photographs and newspaper clippings adorning the walls. As she switched the lights on, the fantastic images of the famous pair came to life surrounding me in the history of the pair. Notably there was an official copy of Stan’s birth certificate. Interestingly, Stan’s father’s occupation was shown as ‘Comedian’.

There was much mention of their well-reported stay at the pub in 1952 when the pair performed at The Empire Theatre in Nottingham. Not many knew at the time that they would also visit The Bull Inn variously on many other occasions privately. Stan and Ollie at one point even owned a home nearby in the Vale of Belvoir village of Redmile which lies on the Grantham Canal.

It was lovely to see the various photographs and memorabilia of Stan and Ollie raising a pint of ‘Bull’s best’. One can only imagine how quaint and lovely the scene must have felt for them when they travelled from their homes in the United States.

When I visited The Bull Inn, the landlady mentioned that the Stan and Ollie Appreciation Society, ‘The Sons of the Desert’ were to hold their annual meet there on the coming Saturday. The old films will be projected up in the lounge and some have even been known to come along dressed as Stan and Ollie! A fitting tribute to their genius.

“We haven’t eaten for three days – yesterday, today and tomorrow”

Stan Laurel

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My Vancouver

Vancouver is one of my very favourite places in the world. Certainly the nicest new-world city of my experience.It’s no coincidence that the city finds itself regularly voted amongst the most attractive cities in the globe. With its enviable situation by the ocean and a mountainous backdrop it’s striking appearance is easily recognised the world over. From the delightful Granville Island, along Robson Street to the jewel in Vancouver’s crown, Stanley Park, it’s truly a spectacular city. Here’s a few corners of it that find favour with me on my visits.

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An Edinburgh Birthday Tale

A landmark birthday then (twenty-nine again) and it was decided at a late stage that this should entail a sojourn up north back to the homeland. Where better to spend a weekend without spending the equivalent of the national debt on enjoying oneself with a little mild hedonism for a couple of days?

Four of us ‘to go’ then. beginning at the testing time of Friday at five-ish on the M1 motorway. At least I think it was the M1 as it was completely obscured by a mocking, snaking train of stationary rear view lights as far as the eye could ascertain. Oh the joy, and a quickly disappearing vision of some semblance of a very welcome evening spent in the social coil of Edinburgh.

No matter.

I’ve actually never struggled to leave Nottinghamshire as much as I did last Friday night. After fully two and a half hours we were merely sampling the delights of Blythe services around 30 miles north. What fun circumnavigating those plastic cones in a darkened services car park though. An unmissable experience. Continue reading

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Nottingham on Ice!

Skating away – on the thin ice of a new day! At last, Nottingham is to have it’s very own outdoor ice rink over a period of seven weeks in the Market Square commencing November 21st. It’s a first for the city borrowing from the success of other cities such as Edinburgh’s New Year ‘Winter Wonderland’ in Princes Street Gardens, a similar construction around Clifford’s Tower in York and several others around the country.

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Nottingham Panthers: Drouin Skates Out

A first hockey post from me then. It’s taken a while, I’m not sure why.
News came to me about the sacking of star winger. Pierre-Claude Drouin, the classy French-Canadian veteran currently icing for the Nottingham Panthers.

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Fireworks: The Fun starts at Eight O’Clock

I’d always wanted to know when that would be..when the ‘fun starts’? Not just today on an evening when lots of people had chosen to have their Guy Fawkes night celebrations but just in life generally. It’s a question that has flummoxed me intermittently for many years, but enough of my flippancy. To explain, a friend had informed me that our chosen destination for the night, The Black Lion pub at Radcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire. was to have its annual fireworks display and bonfire night this very night and that she had been reliably informed that ‘the fun starts at eight o’clock’.

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