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Nottinghamshire countryside: Stoke Bardolph and The Ferryboat Inn

The waters of the River Trent have a busy and industrious past. These days they are more tranquil in the main and enjoyed by leisure boaters. Decades ago the river was used for transporting coal and other freight via barges and there are odd indications of the river’s hard-working past along the way via the various locks.

Todays walk was a circuit and after some time the path veered left away from the river bank to follow the pleasant meadows of the Trent basin. The fields were still and quiet as winter steadily approaches. They were however pretty, green and somehow welcoming for all that. Thoughts flowed fluently and enjoyably as always happens on these occasions. There is indeed something about the great outdoors that commands a relaxed manner.

Another day and another walk. These days seem to be a little less often than previously but are still totally relaxing and worthwhile.

Today’s amble was by the side of Nottinghamshire’s River Trent. Stoke Bardolph specifically was the beginning and return point as I set off on a cool breezy mid-morning on the tow-path by the river bank.

The Ferryboat Inn at Stoke Bardolph lies around six miles from Nottingham. The pub was originally reputedly built on the site of a boatyard near the river. The Inn enjoys a nice location because of this and often customers will take their drinks outside onto the grassy banks by the Trent.

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The Legend of the Raleigh Chopper

I was fortunate enough to own an orange Raleigh Chopper, bought only a few days after they began emerging from the production lines at Raleigh. As you may know, Nottingham was the home of Raleigh bicycles but sadly no more.

After the marvellous initial chick-pulling opportunities for a thirteen-year old with a Raleigh Chopper waned, along with the ever more common sight of the revolutionary looking machine on the roads, I slowly went back to my original love, my home made racing bike, constructed over time from an aluminium frame and complete with three optional back wheels.



      It was difficult not to be a success with the ladies on a Raleigh Chopper

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