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Social Networking.

That’s what they call it.

Remember the days when ‘social networking’ was something you did at company functions, golf days and the like? Events probably equally as facile as Facebook it should be said. The Social networking website largely popularised by students is currently having it’s fifteen minutes of fame in the online world alongside MySpace and Bebo, arguably upstaging blogging, instant messenger services, web forums and personal sites.

I originally signed up as a Facebook member just over a year ago whilst studying at Nottingham Trent University. My first introductory glimpses of it were by observing fellow students in IT rooms glossing over large pictures of other students apparently ‘having fun’, pouting for cameras on student nights out, pulling ‘zany’ faces and the rest. At times there seemed to be hardly a single student that was doing anything legitimate, but rather browsing this new phenomenon instead. Anyhow I noted that many fellow students were using the place so, being a person who has always been interested in the latest developments on the Internet, decided to take the plunge.

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Social networking sites are one of the latest big deals on the Internet. It seems as though owning a straight-ahead personal website is now considered somewhat passe. Is this possibly because they take greater effort in constructing?


Facebook, often favoured by students, MySpace which offers opportunities to promote your band, organisation or various talents and Bebo, tending to be loved by the younger set, offer an easy gateway and presence onto the world wide web. In but a few minutes, one is proclaiming his or her favourite colour, band or latest profound thoughts to a network of friends but there are concerns about these sites


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